Parish finance

Finance Committee 

The Parish of Bairnsdale-Omeo is made up of seven communities, one Parish school and many other buildings and assets which are used by the Parish in its mission. 

The Finance Council is given the task of ensuring the systematic maintenance of all our Parish buildings, and advises the Parish Priest on the management of the assets and finances of the Parish. The committee prepares an annual parish budget and oversees expenditure on parish projects.

It ensures that the parish meets all its financial obligations and oversees the annual audited Parish Financial Report which is submitted to the Diocesan Chancery Office.

The members of the Finance Committee have the task of planning for the future so as to ensure that the next generation of Catholics will have the necessary resources and facilities that will enable them to fruitfully proclaim the Gospel.

Importantly, the Finance Committee coordinates the Planned Giving Programme which provides all parishioners with the opportunity to support their parish financially.  

Planned Giving Program 

Our parish is everyone’s responsibility; we are all called to be Stewards.
As a Church community we endeavour to run our parish as efficiently as possible relying on the generosity of everyone in our community. The generous efforts of so many need to be recognised, but it also requires that we don’t leave it to some and that we are all committed to contributing our share of the load.

There are three ways of contributing to the Planned Giving Program.  They are by:

  • Planned Giving Envelopes
  • Direct Debt or Credit Card payments
  • Cash directly onto the collection plate

Direct Debit or Credit Card Payments are the preferred method of payment. 

If you would like to join your fellow parishioners in our Planned Giving programme, please contact our Business Manager, Martin White at the Parish office (5152 2942) or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.                                      


Weekly Collections:

The 1st collection (planned giving envelope collection) directly supports costs such as electricity, telephone, loan repayments and wages of parish staff.

The 2nd collection directly supports our priests.  It covers the operational costs of vehicles and phones.

Note: There is a 10% tax concession available for contributions made to Restoration Fund.


A team of volunteers meet weekly to count the Weekly Planned Giving Envelopes and another team meets to count the cash received from the 2nd collection plate, as well as sales from candles and other sundry items.  They prepare the parish banking.  


Finance Committee    Paul Heaton Harris   Telephone: 0418 377 076
Planned Giving Program   Paul Heaton Harris     Telephone: 0418 377 076
Collectors     George Burton Telephone: 5152 4781
Counters   George Burton Telephone: 5152 4781


Parish Social Justice Group

Planned Giving

In 1998 St Mary's parishioners endorsed a proposal to donate 2.5% of Planned Giving receipts to the needs other than their own. These include local, national and international needs.

At the end of each financial year, parishioners are invited to suggest possible recipients of these accumulated funds, amounting to approximately $4,000 each year. Suggestions are discussed at a subsequent meeting and a list of recipients is drawn up for the Parish Priest's approval.

Current Projects

  1. Liaising with the liturgy team to ensure Lenten resources provided by Caritas Australia are effectively and efficiently used throughout the whole parish.
  2. Facilitating the collection of used stamps and forwarding them to the Salesian Mission office in Melbourne.
  3. Encouraging parishioners with knitting or crocheting skills to make items for Knit One Give One (KOGO) which provides blankets and other items to be given to people who are homeless, refugees and families who are struggling to make ends meet.

Contact Chris Power: 0418 148 657

Parish Focus Groups

Friendship Group

Meets 10am, 3rd Friday of the month, in the Parish Centre

The Frienship Group is a gathering of mostly ladies who meet for tea/coffee and fellowship. They provide a place of connection, a place to build relationships, and a place to have some spiritual conversation around the Sunday Gospel.

Newcomers are always welcome and are invited to share their laughs, tears, spiritual and wellbeing support from one another.

Friends of Timor Leste

Since 2003 the Bairnsdle Friends of East Timor have:

  • Provided nutritious lunches at St Antonio's Secondary College, baucau.
  • Subsidised the cost of english/tetum Dictionaries for St. Antonio's Secondary College.
  • Paid school fees for students from poor families who attend St. Antonio's Secondary College.
  • Paid expenses for Salesian Youth Group, Baucau.
  • Fully supported 14 and partially supported 18 tertiary students, now graduated.
  • Fully supported 3 trainee teachers at the Marist Teacher's College Baucau.
  • Paid fees for 14 students at Don Bosco Trade School in Dili.
  • Partially supported 4 tertiary students at Dili Institute.
  • Provided pastoral care for the local East Timorese seasonbal workers.

Currently we are:

  • Supporting 4 students attending Marist Teacher's College in Baucau.
  • Providing nutritious lunches for students at St. Antonio's College, Baucau.

Volunteers have:

  • Visited Baucau 54 times, staying as guests of the Salesian Community.
  • Taught english and other subjects at St. Antonio's and other schools.
  • Provided vocational guidance for senior students and contributed to their welfare needs.
  • Joined in extra-curricular activities strengthening the bonds between students, staff and volunteers.

St Vincent de Paul Society

There are three categories of membership of the Society.

1. Conference members are those who belong to the grassroots groups within the Society known as conferences. They live their Catholic faith in action through the spirit of Christian charity. 

2. Associate members are those who are committed to the ethos, mission, aims and objects of the Society and who assist the work of the Society, but do not attend conference meetings. 

3. Volunteer members are those who respect the ethos, mission, aims and objects of the Society and who volunteer in any of the Society’s works.

Conference: Meets on the 4th Thursday of the month, 7pm at Parish Centre

St Vincent de Paul’s Assistance Centre is situated at Shop 15 Riviera Plaza. People are welcomed in a clean and secure place and are treated with respect and dignity. No work of charity is foreign to conference members. They visit people in their homes, in the hospital, aged care facilities or wherever else people may be found needing aid or comfort.  Members also meet and pray together at others times.

Vinnies Conference offers a way for students to participate in the Society’s transformative work. Mini Vinnies at St Mary’s School is a program designed for primary level students. We encourage participating students to live their faith in a three-pronged way: ‘See’ (education and awareness). ‘Think’ (formation and reflection) and ‘Do’ (community service and fundraising). Vinnies is looking forward to starting a Conference for secondary students at Nagle College. 

Contact Cathy McMahon: 0448 525 462

Welfare Appointments: 5152 6687

St Mary’s Op Shop

St Mary’s Opportunity Shop is run by volunteers. It is located next door to the Salvo Op Shop on MacLeod Street. The St Mary's Op Shop stocks a wide range of donated items including furniture, electrical goods, clothing, footwear, toys and books. Everything you buy or donate inspires change in our local community, with profits being used to fund St Mary’s Church Restoration Project and local St Vincent de Paul Conference services and programs.

We welcome new volunteers at any time. Please contact us for more information. 

Contact: 5152 2088

St Anthony Procession

The Italian Australian community in our parish celebrates the feast day St. Anthony of Padua on the Sunday of the King's Birthday weekend. Following Mass, the local town band leads the procession of the St Anthony statue along Main St to Service St and back to the church. The celebration concludes with a luncheon in the Parish Centre. It is a good time for all to reminisce, sing along with the accordion, and remember many of the songs of old. Traditionally, such festivals were held in Italian towns celebrating the local patron saint and this celebration is a reminder of their Italian heritage and faith.

Contact Bruno Capobianco: 5152 2022 (H) 


St Mary’s Primary School

St Mary’s Primary School is proud of its rich heritage.  It is a welcoming community of students, families and staff.  Together we are inspired by the Scriptures and traditions of the Catholic faith to educate and develop the whole person within an environment that offers opportunity for respect, justice and success.  In partnership we strive to develop active, enthusiastic and successful learners, who are resilient, believe in themselves and show witness to the presence of God through their relationships with others

St Mary’s School Board 

The School Board meets monthly. The role of the Board is to give advice and support to the Principal and Parish Priest in areas of policy, administration and financial management.  It comprises the Parish Priest, Principal, teacher representative and parent representatives. It oversees any committees or working parties that may have been assigned particular tasks.

Nagle College                                                               

Nagle College is a vibrant Catholic co-educational learning community comprising students in Years 7 to 12. Inspired by the life of Christ, our heritage from the Presentation and Salesian Charism, Nagle College is a Catholic Community that welcomes, builds strong relationships, evangelises and prepares young people for life. All members of the community are encouraged to live out the College motto ‘Let your light shine’.

Nagle College Advisory Council                                   

The College operates under the governance of the Dicese of Sale Catholic Education Limited (DOSCEL). The Principal leads and manages the College. The College Advisory Committee assists with the fostering the College's involvement with the local and parish communities.

The Committee is composed of a Chairperson, each Parish Priest of the region or their nominee, the Principal, a nominee of the Director of Catholic Education of the Diocese of Sale, and elected members from the community and parent representatives.

Elections of representatives are held annually. The term of office for each parent member is three years. The Committee meets monthly during the school year.


St Mary’s Primary School  Principal: Ms Lisa Parwata Telephone: 5152 3706 
St Mary’s School Advisory Board    Chairperson: Mr Stephen Gibbons     Telephone: 0407 562 226

St. Mary's parents and Friends

Jane Natty

Telephone: 5152 3706
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Nagle College  Principal: Mr Neville Powles Telephone: 5152 6122
Nagle College Advisory Board Chairperson: Mrs Samantha Bishop