Parish Weekend Bulletin:                           

Notices for the Sunday Bulletin need to be submitted to the Parish Centre via email or dropped in by 12noon each Thursday.  On approval of the Parish Priest and depending on the availability of room, priority will be given to notices relating to parish groups/activities, then Diocesan notices followed by other local community notices.

Parish Website:

Information for the website is to be submitted to the parish office.

St Mary’s School Newsletters:                               

The school newsletter can be viewed by going to, Notices for the school newsletter need to be submitted via email or dropped in by 12 noon each day

Nagle College Newsletters:

Community members may access nagle news and updates via the college website" Current Nagle families are also emailed a link to the College's fortnightly newsletter. Any news items or notices to be considered for inclusion should please be emailed to the marketing Officer at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.                               

Communication contact information

Parish Weekend Bulletin:   Pattie Pruscino      Telephone: 5152 2942
Parish Website:     Fr. Avinash George Telephone: 5152 2942
St Mary’s School Newsletters: Jane Natty           Telephone: 5152 3706
Nagle College Newsletter:   Amanda Vowell    Telephone: 5152 6122