St Mary’s is one of the most notable landmarks of Bairnsdale. Construction of the Church was commenced in 1913, replacing an earlier brick church which had been built thirty years earlier in 1883.  

The murals, painted by out of work Italian artist Francesco Floreani during the Great Depression, cover the walls and ceiling. 

They depict the saints, the trinity and scenes of hell, purgatory, heaven and the crucifixion.


  St Patrick’s Church is a weatherboard building situated in a mainly retiree population south of Bairnsdale on the Gippsland lakes. 

The building was relocated from Sarsfield in 1953.


  St Canice’s Church is another small weatherboard church situated among a farming community west of Bairnsdale in the Mitchell River valley.


  Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Church is a solid brick construction built in 1903 and is located two hours north of Bairnsdale in the ‘high country’ of East Gippsland.

Swifts Creek: 

  Sacred Heart Church is a simple weatherboard building.

This building is a place of worship that alternates services on a monthly basis together with the small group of worshippers at St Joseph’s Church Ensay.


  St Francis of Assisi Church is a modular building where the small community gather weekly for either Mass or Liturgy of the Word with Eucharist.

This building is located in the most remote part of the parish in the ‘high country’.