Parish property maintenance

Church Cleaners/Flowers Roster   

A clean and prepared environment is fundamental to the hospitality we wish people to experience when coming into the church building. This is a generous group of people who are rostered to keep our Churches in good order by cleaning the church interiors, attending to the flowers, and immediate surrounds.

Cleaning can be done on Saturday morning or earlier in the week. If you can spare two hours of your time we would love to hear from you. In fact, one hour’s contribution is of great assistance. Contact the parish office for more information.

Cyclic maintenance  

Don Roderick operates with a small group of volunteers, who undertake specific tasks around the parish as needed.

These include works that are required to be carried out annually or periodically e.g. gas servicing and electrical safety checks (every 5 years), as well as window and fence painting (every 5 or 6 years). Other works include regular light bulb renewal and drainage checks.

Contact information

Church Cleaners/Flowers Roster Michael Flynn   Telephone: 5152 2942  
Cyclic maintenance   Martin Sroczynski   Telephone: 0408 516 803
Property - Churches     Paul Heaton Harris Telephone: 5152 2942

‘RENEW AND ENRICH’ - St Mary’s Church Restoration

Restoration Logistics Committee:  John Fallon        Telephone: 5152 3893
Restoration Fundraising Committee: Paul Heaton Harris Telephone 0418 377 076
Restoration Events Committee:    Cathy Sharp Telephone 0433 000 864