St Mary’s Primary School

St Mary’s Primary School is proud of its rich heritage.  It is a welcoming community of students, families and staff.  Together we are inspired by the Scriptures and traditions of the Catholic faith to educate and develop the whole person within an environment that offers opportunity for respect, justice and success.  In partnership we strive to develop active, enthusiastic and successful learners, who are resilient, believe in themselves and show witness to the presence of God through their relationships with others

St Mary’s School Board 

The School Board meets monthly. The role of the Board is to give advice and support to the Principal and Parish Priest in areas of policy, administration and financial management.  It comprises the Parish Priest, Principal, teacher representative and parent representatives. It oversees any committees or working parties that may have been assigned particular tasks.

Nagle College                                                               

Nagle College is a vibrant Catholic co-educational learning community comprising students in Years 7 to 12. Inspired by the life of Christ, our heritage from the Presentation and Salesian Charism, Nagle College is a Catholic Community that welcomes, builds strong relationships, evangelises and prepares young people for life. All members of the community are encouraged to live out the College motto ‘Let your light shine’.

Nagle College Advisory Council                                   

The College operates under the governance of the Dicese of Sale Catholic Education Limited (DOSCEL). The Principal leads and manages the College. The College Advisory Committee assists with the fostering the College's involvement with the local and parish communities.

The Committee is composed of a Chairperson, each Parish Priest of the region or their nominee, the Principal, a nominee of the Director of Catholic Education of the Diocese of Sale, and elected members from the community and parent representatives.

Elections of representatives are held annually. The term of office for each parent member is three years. The Committee meets monthly during the school year.


St Mary’s Primary School  Principal: Ms Lisa Parwata Telephone: 5152 3706 
St Mary’s School Advisory Board    Chairperson: Mr Stephen Gibbons     Telephone: 0407 562 226

St. Mary's parents and Friends

Jane Natty

Telephone: 5152 3706
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Nagle College  Principal: Mr Neville Powles Telephone: 5152 6122
Nagle College Advisory Board Chairperson: Mrs Samantha Bishop